Easy Ways to Promote Your New Video

These days, video content is a valuable addition to any digital marketing campaign. Let’s face it; people would rather watch a video than read an article.

However, you can’t just produce a video and upload it to YouTube expecting that your target audience will find it… You also need to put a promotional effort behind your video to get it seen.

Of course you can pay to get your message out by using traditional methods, but there are easier, less-expensive strategies for promotion:

Post a video on your blog.
Enhancing your blog posts with videos, images, and infographics is a quick way to boost subscribers and social shares. So with this in mind, your new video should absolutely have a dedicated blog post to promote it.

Share your video with your email newsletter subscribers.
Does your company send out an email newsletter with updates and promotions for interested clients? If so, then you have a great base of potential viewers for an entertaining or informative video. You might even send out a teaser or sneak peek of the video to your email subscribers before posting it for the general public, especially if the video is related to a new product launch, as a pre-release viewing for subscribers can be a great strategy for generating buzz about the new product.

Upload your video to social media.
Social media is the quickest way to get content shared and seen. Paid social advertisements might be part of your video promotion plan, but simply posting the video on your company’s social profiles can go a long way. Encourage readers to like and share the post to maximize its exposure.

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