Don’t Make These Green Screen Mistakes

Green screens allow filmmakers to combine two different images into a single, seamless frame. This process, which is referred to as chroma keying, is very popular for many film production studios. Through the magic of a green screen, you can place your actor in a new environment or place two characters side by side. To help you achieve the best final result, here are some green screen mistakes to avoid.


Cast Shadows

Lighting is very important when you are using a green screen. If your actors cast visible shadows on the surface of the green fabric, these shadows may show up on the final edit. To achieve a smooth edit, make sure that your lighting is adjusted so that there are no cast shadows. You can also eliminate shadows by having your actors move farther away from the background.


Blurry Motion

When it comes time to edit your green screen footage, you may notice that certain motions or actions seem blurry, rather than sharp. To prevent motion from getting blurry in front of the green screen, make sure to shoot your video with a high shutter speed. The higher your shutter speed, the more likely your camera will be to capture seamless motion.


Clipping Out

In the event that the actor accidentally walks out of the green screen for a few frames, this problem is known as clipping out. Clipping out refers to footage that is no longer backed by the green screen. Rather than attempting to fix the problem in the final edit, you can avoid visual inconsistencies by simply reshooting the footage with the actor fully in the frame.

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