Don’t Believe These Myths About Training Videos

A training video should be informative, and it should build confidence in the viewer. However, there are some misconceptions about training videos that you shouldn’t buy into. Look ahead and don’t believe these myths about training videos.


Videos Should Always Be Short

We’ve condensed our sentiments into 140 characters and our albums into singles, as our attention spans seem to be shrinking. However, this doesn’t mean a shorter training video will always be better than a longer, more thorough one. This important distinction is engagement. If your video remains engaging and interactive throughout its duration, this tends to be more important than the actual length of the clip.


People Don’t Learn from Training Videos

If your new hires aren’t learning from your training videos, don’t blame training videos as a whole. Instead, think of ways that you can keep your audience’s attention. You shouldn’t expect your new employee to have all the information memorized immediately after one viewing, especially if it’s a long training video with lots of concepts to keep track of. Consider pairing your training video with a worksheet, or stopping at certain points throughout the video to recap what you’ve discussed.


In-Person Training Is the Only Way

Hands-on training in the field is important, but employees will be more confident if they go into it with some background knowledge. In this sense, training videos can be extremely helpful in preparing your newer employees for the tasks ahead of them. Combining training videos and in-person training can help to bolster your team and get everyone started on the right foot.


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