Digital Marketing Trends to Dominate in 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-450014967As internet usage continues to increase, digital marketing strategies have become an important part of any marketing campaign. The use of electronic media to reach consumers, including web videos and social media sites, allows you to receive instant feedback on the ways in which your marketing plan is working, as well as changes you should make to boost your visibility and sales. As 2015 continues, several digital marketing trends have emerged that can help your business achieve continued marketing success—keep reading to learn more about a few of these trends and how to use them to your greatest benefit.




Mobile Marketing

Mobile device usage continues to soar, with 64% of Americans owning a smartphone and an increasing percentage of individuals who access the internet only via their phone. These trends make digital marketing targeted toward mobile users increasingly important, as this user base continues to grow. Reaching out to mobile users means customizing your marketing for viewing on mobile devices, such as shorter video content, mobile website design, and location-based marketing strategies.


Organic Video Ads

Recent trends have shown that paid advertising on websites is here to stay. Although pay-per-click marketing tools seem to be decreasing, the use of “organic video ads” is on the rise as sites seek to customize advertising and deliver a more enjoyable browsing experience for consumers while providing the advertising that businesses want.


Better Content Creation

As organic and personalized advertising increase in popularity, the need for better content creation rises as well. Original and targeted content is a great way to draw in and keep loyal consumers, who will continue to follow your social media accounts and visit your website for new information they find relevant. Current trends indicate that high-quality content will continue to drive business success throughout 2015 and beyond.

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