Designing a Social Strategy for Your Latest Video

Video content can spread the word about your business much more than a blog post or photo, because people love to watch and share videos, especially when they capture attention with a touch of humor, emotional appeal, or interesting information. When you’ve invested in a new video for your business, you won’t want the effort to go to waste, which is why you should promote it with social media. Use the following tips to plan out your social media strategy so that you can capture the biggest possible audience for your content.

Post the Video on Every Social Channel

Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are helpful tools for raising awareness of your brand and reaching followers. Use every opportunity you have to post your video by sharing it on all social channels. Some people who follow you on Facebook may not be connected to you on Twitter, so be sure that you spread the word everywhere you can.

Create Related Blog Posts

You’ll want to get as much traffic out of your video as possible, but you can’t just keep posting the same content again and again. Instead, create a series of blog posts related to your video so that you can link back to the video or embed it in content while providing readers with something fresh as well. Posting about your blog on social media will draw more attention in the right direction.

Invest in Sponsored Posts

Social marketing isn’t just about creating organic posts that your followers will read. It’s much more effective to purchase sponsored space on social sites with promoted posts that will reach those who don’t already follow your page. A great video can capture an audience who will keep coming back to see your social updates, blog posts, and other content.


Not every small business has the resources to create video content in-house, and that’s where Film Creations comes in. We can help you with online content, training videos, advertisements, and much more, so give us a call at (520) 624-4444.