Designing a Social Strategy for Your Latest Video

It’s a good idea to mix up your content, and videos tend to engage your fans. The more exposure your video gets, the better it will be at making conversions. Promote your most recent video production across different platforms, create a schedule in advance, and rework content into different formats. Read on for help in designing a social strategy for your latest video.

Promote on Multiple Platforms

The only way to reach as many people as possible with your content is to take advantage of every possible platform. Post your latest video on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account, and cross reference between platforms to spread it as far as it can go within your circles. If it’s worth sharing, people in each of these different circles will share it and promote it with their friends, fans, and followers.

Make a Schedule

Before you even make your videos, you should outline everything you want to put out to your followers and fans for months. Think about the videos you want to create and how you want to promote them before it comes time to actually launch them, so you have time to fine tune every piece of content you release. When you create and release your video content according to a schedule, you can promote your brand and your latest products and services when the time is right.

Rework Your Content

Many businesses don’t recognize the value in reformatting their content. If you have a recent blog post that’s related to the video you want to create and market, you can rework the same content and give it fresh new life by giving it a new format.


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