Creating an Effective Video Ad

ThinkstockPhotos-479391830Video advertising is a great way to connect with your consumers and improve your visibility to draw in additional business. The keys to creating an effective video ad include evaluating your audience, your goals, and your budget to balance your content with the quality of your production and the level of distribution you need for the greatest effect. Working with a professional video production service can help you get the most from your marketing investment to create a unique and successful video ad for your business.


Favor Brief Content

Brevity is key when creating effective video content. Establishing your message quickly and clearly will actually improve retention of this information after the fact, while viewers may “tune out,” ignore, or click away from a commercial that continues for too long. Effective video advertising should always focus on the core message you want to deliver, while avoiding extraneous information, humor, or visuals.


Connect With Viewers

One of the major benefits of video advertising is its ability to help consumers connect with your business and see themselves using your product or service. This means keeping your commercial—and your language—honest and appealing to the average consumer to help them better visualize your product in their lives. Determining your target consumer ahead of time and playing to their preferences and opinions is the best way to achieve the personalized connection you want via your video ad.

Film Creations, Ltd. is an experienced video production company in Tucson that can help you create your ideal video ad with services that include graphics editing, green screen capabilities, and HD camera packages. If you’re ready to get started on your next marketing or training video, give us a call at (520) 624-4444 or (888) 877-2490; you can also find more tips on creating effective video ads when you click through the content on our blog.