Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign

Corporate Video Production Services from Film CreationsViral marketing campaigns use spontaneous media sharing to achieve your marketing goals. This type of marketing typically relies on existing social media infrastructure to make sharing among users simple and fast. Producing an effective viral marketing campaign hinges on many factors, including careful design of the message you want to send to promote successful sharing.

Focus on Visual Delivery

Visual marketing campaigns are effective for many reasons. Not only do images and videos prompt strong feelings of connection, they are fast and easy to experience and share. Thus, one of the best ways to ensure your marketing campaign’s success is to deliver your message in photo or video format. As part of this delivery, focus on eliciting an emotional response that will catch viewers’ interest and prompt them to share your message with others.

Make Your Message Clear

The key to any successful marketing campaign is a clear message that is easy to interpret and difficult to mistake. Regardless of your campaign’s delivery vehicle, it’s essential to develop a message that is short, simple, and effective at communicating your desired concept to those who share it. Including a clear message in your campaign will ensure that regardless of how often or quickly it is shared, your campaign will continue working for you to achieve the goals you’ve set.

Determine Your Audience

Before you can develop an effective message, you must first know your audience. Thus, one of the first steps in creating a successful viral marketing campaign is to determine your desired audience and the traits your audience possesses. Knowing how your audience will respond to certain topics, keywords, or images will help you draw their interest to boost your campaign’s visibility and success.

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