Creating a Great Explainer Video

If your company doesn’t yet have an explainer video, you’ve already fallen behind the times. Fortunately, creating an effective explainer video is simple and easy when you partner with a professional video production company. Explainer videos are short, memorable videos intended for an online audience. They quickly explain your brand, products, or services to viewers around the world. These videos are a great way to reach out to new customers and build brand recognition.


Define your goals.

The first step in creating a memorable explainer video is figure out what its main purpose is. Do you want to highlight a new product or service? (Most explainer videos do this.) Reach a new audience? Convert old customers into repeat customers? The goal of your video will influence its tone, style, and imagery. For example, if you’re introducing a new product or service, you’ll want to focus on how it can solve problems for your customers.


Write an outline.

Every effective explainer video begins its life as an outline. In fact, most of them follow a similar outline.


  • Discuss the problem.
  • Explain the solution.
  • Explain how the solution works.
  • Give a strong call to action.


Marketing experts generally recommend that you spend no more than 20 seconds introducing the problem, five seconds introducing your product or service, 25 seconds explaining how your product or service works, and then 10 seconds giving the call to action.


Edit the script extensively.

The best explainer videos are very short. Remember that most people click away from videos after watching just a few seconds—unless you manage to capture their attention quickly. Even if you do capture their attention, you might lose it later if your video runs too long. After you’ve written the script, edit it extensively to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases.

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