Crafting a Memorable Slogan for Your Ad Campaign

If you’re launching an ad campaign, a memorable slogan is a must. When paired with a video that captures your brand identity, a good slogan will linger in the minds of your customers and help you get the results you want from your campaign. There are no rules when it comes to creating slogans, but there are a few guidelines that can make coming up with one easier. Keep these tips in mind as you start brainstorming your slogan.


Keep it Short

If you try to rattle off all of the brand slogans that you know by heart, chances are that you’ll notice one thing that they all have in common—they’re short and simple. A good slogan is a catchy phrase that’s easy to say and easy to remember. Remember that you’re not trying to convey everything about your business and mission in your slogan. You’re just trying to make a catchphrase that will make people think immediately about your brand. Ideally, your slogan should be less than 10 words.


Make it Evergreen

Memorable slogans age well, so that they can grow with your brand. Be wary about putting anything your in slogan that is an absolute, such as “only” or “best,” since these things can change. For example, you may be the only cat café in your town now, but you may get some competitors in the future that could render your slogan useless. Likewise, what you’re best at now could evolve in the future. For the same reasons, avoid slogans that involve fads or slang, as these will become dated quickly.


Speak to Your Market

Your slogan should be a siren song to your primary market. Make sure it speaks directly to that audience in language they understand. Start by deciding if your market is local, regional, national, or international, so you can choose language that resonates with the right group.


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