Core Elements of Viral Videos

A viral video can make awareness of your business explode virtually overnight, but how exactly do you make one happen? There is no set rulebook for making a viral video, and there’s no guarantee that a video will all of the right characteristics to go viral actually will. However, there are certain elements that most viral videos have in common that you can use in your own videos to increase the odds that one of them will take off and become widely known. As you’re planning your video with your film production company, consider incorporating these core elements into your videos.

Visual Surprise

A good way to encourage people to share your video is to surprise them with what you show them. People consume an enormous amount of visual content every day, and when you make a video that stands out from the rest, then people are much more likely to share it. Your visual surprise may be a spectacle that’s impressive or eye-catching, or it may simply be something that is strange and different from what viewers were expecting to see. If the visual presentation in your video can cut through all of the other content competing for attention from views and capture their imagination, they’ll be excited to share it.

Shared Relevance

Viral videos tend to be about things to which a broad spectrum of people can relate. This may mean finding an issue or subject that doesn’t directly involve your product but that can relate to it in some way. Major brands often do this successfully by creating a video with a message that features their product but isn’t directly about it, such as the way Coke makes videos about world peace or cultural traditions in which the one thing that ties people together is drinking their product.

Strong Emotions

Viral videos all inspire strong reactions in viewers. You can cause people to feel moved or make them laugh, but if your video creates a strong reaction, people will be more likely to share your content, so that their friends and family can have the same experience.

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