Commercials: Sometimes Less is More

Creating a commercial that is impact, memorable and authentic is not always easy, but it is possible with the right creative direction and a complete understanding of the audience or target demographic you want to reach. Any time you are representing a brand and you are working on a commercial, it is essential to consider that less is often more in terms of having an impact and getting positive feedback from your production. Understanding why less is more can help to get you in the right direction with any commercial project you are involved in.


With a short message, your commercial can have a bigger impact in terms of helping others to remember your brand, whether you are sharing a simple message or display your company logo throughout the entire duration of the commercial itself.

Be Taken Seriously

If you are working with a new brand or business and creating your very first commercial, avoid overdrawn dialogue and too much information in one session. Keeping your commercial short and sweet not only helps to keep the attraction of potential clients or customers, but it also helps to improve your overall reputation professionally while boosting your credibility in any industry you represent.


There is a lot of competition when it comes to commercials today, whether you are promoting a web service, selling a new product or even trying to get local customers to visit your restaurant. Understanding how competition creates effective marketing campaigns and commercials can help with giving you the direction you need when it comes to developing commercials of your own that are short, sweet and to the point.

Be Direct

When you provide less text and dialogue within your commercial and more highlighting of the products, services or message you want to share, you are more likely to receive the attention you are seeking in the right area of your business or brand. The more direct you are within a commercial, the easier it is to brand yourself while also conveying a message that is what you had in mind throughout the planning stages of the commercial.

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