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Bumper Ads: How to Tell a Story in 6 Seconds

Today, people have short attention spans. If something doesn’t capture their attention within a few seconds, they will click away to another website or YouTube video, or they’ll change the channel on the TV. To accommodate the notoriously short attention spans of modern consumers, Google has begun offering six-second “bumper ad” capabilities through AdWords, viewable […]

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Best Practices in Making Animated Videos

When it’s time to make a new promotional or explainer video for your organization, you might consider doing an animated video. Animated videos are an effective marketing tool because they can fully capture your brand’s persona and image, and because they are engaging for viewers. They are also a great way to easily explain a […]

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Quick Tips for Effective CTAs in Video Marketing

In written copy such as business blog posts, copywriters often incorporate a call to action (CTA). The CTA typically reinforces the brand image by restating the company’s name, slogan, and mission. It also encourages readers to take some sort of action, such as to call the office for an appointment, sign up for an e-newsletter, […]

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Case Studies in Humorous Commercials that Worked

“Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard…” Peter O’Toole in “My Favorite Year” Using humor in advertising can be considered a risky move… What one person finds funny might not be so funny to someone else—or in today’s ‘Politically Correct’ world, it may be downright offensive.  However, the payoff for a funny commercial that resonates with your target […]

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Easy Ways to Promote Your New Video

These days, video content is a valuable addition to any digital marketing campaign. Let’s face it; people would rather watch a video than read an article.However, you can’t just produce a video and upload it to YouTube expecting that your target audience will find it… You also need to put a promotional effort behind your […]

Tips for Making Your Videos Rank High on YouTube

The goal of almost every video marketer is to get their videos to rank high on YouTube. There are some effective strategies for this, but first, it’s helpful to understand exactly why some videos rank higher than others. It all boils down to the number of clicks and the number of seconds. In other words—how […]

What to Wear on Camera

Video has become an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses both large and small in every sector. If your company is planning a video in which you’ll have a starring role, you’ll need to spend some time preparing for it. One of the first steps is to choose what you’ll wear. It’s always a good […]

Examining the Pros and Cons of Controversial Advertising

Modern life is certainly full of controversies, and you may have seen a few of them highlighted in recent commercials. When done properly, controversial advertising can spark a meaningful conversation. But when it’s not done well, this approach can inadvertently push customers away instead. Should your business give it a try?Con: Sometimes, there can be […]

How to Use Video for Event Marketing

When a large group of people come together for a singular purpose, they fuel each other’s energy and inspiration. It’s the excitement of this shared experience that keeps people coming back to an event year after year. But how can you attract new people to grow your event? One effective marketing solution is the creative […]

Tips for Working with a Green Screen

When you hire a film production company to work on your corporate video, a green screen may be part of the process. Green screens make it much easier for the background behind the person on camera to be separated from the person so that things can be superimposed on it during a post-production process called […]