Case Studies in Humorous Commercials that Worked

“Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard…” Peter O’Toole in “My Favorite Year”


Using humor in advertising can be considered a risky move… What one person finds funny might not be so funny to someone else—or in today’s ‘Politically Correct’ world, it may be downright offensive. 


However, the payoff for a funny commercial that resonates with your target audience can be huge. With just the right touch of humor, people will talk about or even quote your tag line for years to come… So Where’s the Beef?


Follow the money…

The Super Bowl is not only the annual Football Championship, it’s also the ‘National Ad Championship’ as 30 seconds of airtime during the game can translate into millions of dollars. Ads throughout the Super Bowl are often comedy-themed, and with so much money riding on these ads, the ‘big guys’ know something we all should… Comedy works.


For instance, while Allstate Insurance may have to deal with some of the most devastating events a person can face, they found a clever and unique way to add levity to their commercials with their iconic “Mayhem” character. Featuring Dean Winters, these ads make light of freak accidents by personifying the force behind them. And, of course, they add a reassuring message that even with Mayhem lurking in the background, Allstate has you covered… 


Another clever Super Bowl advertisement was for Avocados from Mexico called ‘Secret Society.’ It featured a bumbling group trying (and failing) to conceal some of the most popular conspiracy theories out there. 


Is comedy for you?

While you may not be striving for a million dollar Super Bowl ad, you should certainly pay attention to what National Advertisers are doing… Humor works, but only if it’s funny


At Film Creations, Ltd., we love comedy, and we’re good at it… So if you have a difficult concept you want to bring to life in a unique and captivating way, we can help. 


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