Brush Up on Video Production Lingo Before Filming Your Next Commercial

Commercials may not be long videos, but they should be treated with the same professionalism as any other video production. If you are investing in a commercial shoot, you will want to make sure that you end up with a commercial that conveys the right message, looks professional, and reaches your customers. To be sure that you’re prepared for filming your commercial in Tucson, brush up on the following common terms you may hear from your film production company.


The composition refers to the visual makeup of a video. It considers aspects such as framing, light balance, and field of vision, generally with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing final picture.

Establishing Shot

An establishing shot is the first shot in a scene. It is intended to draw the audience in, and may be from a distant perspective or a wide shot. Even in a commercial, the establishing shot is important, because it establishes the environment and surroundings where the scene is taking place.

Depth of Field

The depth of field is the range in which objects can be seen in focus in front of the camera. This will vary, depending on the type of camera being used, the filming environment, and the aperture settings of the camera.

Rule of Thirds

Though it is not always necessary to follow the rule of thirds, it can be helpful to know what it describes. This rule is a compositional guideline that states that images should be divided in thirds horizontally and vertically, and the main subject of the image should be placed along those lines. In other words, it is often more visually interesting to have the subject of a video set to one side of a shot rather than centered in front of the camera.


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