How Animated Graphics Can Elevate Your Video Content

Animated graphics, or motion graphics, is the combination of graphic design and movement. If your business isn’t using this technology yet, you could be lagging behind your competitors. Give your marketing efforts a boost with custom animated graphics. This type of video content is capable of fitting all brand personalities. It can also be very […]

Your Crash Course in Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are a recent development in the marketing world. They are very brief marketing videos—just six seconds long. YouTube formally introduced them in 2016, and advertisers can now purchase them as an add-on service through Google Ads. Given the short attention span of the average consumer, these bite-size videos are already proving highly impactful.The […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Your Holiday Video Marketing Campaign

For a typical American, October is too early to be thinking about winter holidays. But marketers and entrepreneurs live by a different calendar, and this is a prime time of year to begin planning the holiday ad campaign. Videos are a particularly ideal format for holiday marketing, given the versatility of imagery combined with sound.Showcase […]

Master the Basics of Great Online Content

In the vast array of online content competing for people’s attention, how do you ensure that yours stands out? There is an art to creating web-based content, and it is very different than creating content for print mediums. Using images and videos is an essential part for capturing attention. Use these strategies to make sure […]

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Making an Instructional DVD People Will Actually Watch

Instructional DVDs are a necessity for a number of different businesses and products, but they also have a reputation for being dry and boring. When you create an instructional DVD, is there anything you can do to make it one that people will actually want to watch and use to learn from? Good video production […]

What Will People Remember About Your Next Video?

Right now, there are about one billion users on YouTube watching about half a billion hours of video every single day. There has been more video footage uploaded online during any given 30-day period recently than major TV networks in the U.S. have created during three decades. Clearly, consumers love watching videos online, and that’s […]

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Animated Videos?

It’s no longer necessary to purchase TV air time to get your promotional video before the eyes of thousands of potential customers. You can put online platforms to work for your business. All you need is high-quality videos, including animated videos. Video production companies can use advanced digital technology to create custom animated videos that […]

Ways to Make Your Commercial Stand Out

A TV commercial is the perfect way to get your brand recognized in your market and to reach a wider audience. However, commercials can easily turn into background noise if they aren’t carefully crafted. Working with an experienced production team will help you get the most from your commercial. This advice will also help you […]

How Web Videos Differ from TV Ads

Web videos and TV ads can both be powerful promotional tools for businesses, but only when companies accurately harness the power of both. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all video is created equal. Different forms of film work for different mediums, and web videos and TV ads are not interchangeable. Working with […]

Making Video Content Your Customers Will Want to Share

Various online platforms rake in billions of video views every single day. That’s a huge market for your business to tap into. But before you rush off to the video production studio, you need to plan a strategy for making your video content into a shareable, viral sensation that will attract new customers and remind […]