Designing a Social Strategy for Your Latest Video

It’s a good idea to mix up your content, and videos tend to engage your fans. The more exposure your video gets, the better it will be at making conversions. Promote your most recent video production across different platforms, create a schedule in advance, and rework content into different formats. Read on for help in […]


Designing a Social Strategy for Your Latest Video

Video content can spread the word about your business much more than a blog post or photo, because people love to watch and share videos, especially when they capture attention with a touch of humor, emotional appeal, or interesting information. When you’ve invested in a new video for your business, you won’t want the effort […]


Choosing Between Animation and Live Action Videos

Making a video allows you to explore your creativity and bring your ideas to life, but sometimes it can be hard to narrow down your choices to achieve the right message. One of the first things you should think about when making a short promotional video is the medium you want to use—animation or live […]


How to Make Your Training Videos More Interesting

Nothing can turn off prospective employees quite like dull and outdated training videos. If it has been some time since your company has updated its training materials, or you want to break up the monotony of training sessions, enlisting a video production company is a great first step. A professional production company can help you […]


Brush Up on Video Production Lingo Before Filming Your Next Commercial

Commercials may not be long videos, but they should be treated with the same professionalism as any other video production. If you are investing in a commercial shoot, you will want to make sure that you end up with a commercial that conveys the right message, looks professional, and reaches your customers. To be sure […]

close-up a television camera with presenter out of focus in background

Tips for Working with a Green Screen

A green screen is a backdrop that can make your video look like it was shot anywhere in the world. However, it’s up to the way you shoot it to make the environment seem convincing. Even small slipups can make it obvious that you’re using a green screen and not actually shooting on location, so […]

Female Video and Sound Editor Works With Her Male Colleague on a Project on Her Personal Computer with Two Displays. They Work in a Creative Loft Office.

Learn the Benefits That Come with a Professional Video Production Studio

There’s no reason to get something halfway done when you could go all out and experience much better results. If you’re looking to create a training video, commercial, or promotional piece of some sort, you need professional video production services. Read ahead and learn the benefits that come with a professional video production studio. Professional […]


See How YouTube Counts Views and How Your Video Views Can Soar

People often judge the value of a video based on how many times it has been viewed before, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking to spread awareness about your brand. You need to know how YouTube looks at each view and what it means to make the kinds of videos that […]


Animation Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Video Production

Video production can be used in a plethora of situations, and it can give your business a leg up by expanding on your marketing efforts. Just remember to make it obvious that the video is associated with your brand, keep the message clear, and hire Tucson video production pros so you can produce great quality […]


Separating Myth and Fact in Video Animation

Animation can be a very powerful component in your next business video. When you use video animation tools, you can add special effects, unique characters, and other attention-grabbing elements to your film. If you have never tried your hand at animation, be sure to hire a video production company for assistance. To get you started […]