Best Practices in Making Animated Videos

When it’s time to make a new promotional or explainer video for your organization, you might consider doing an animated video. Animated videos are an effective marketing tool because they can fully capture your brand’s persona and image, and because they are engaging for viewers. They are also a great way to easily explain a complicated topic in a way that any demographic can relate to. However, there are a few dos and don’ts you should know before working with a video production team to make an animated video.


Strive for a linear construction.

One of the main purposes of animated explainer videos is to break down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand components. Because of this, a linear structure tends to work best for these projects. Start by introducing the topic (what problem is your audience experiencing?) and transition to explaining the solution (how does your product or service solve the problem?).


Focus on the big picture.

There are probably lots of little details you’d like to share with your viewers. However, an animated video might not be the best venue for them. Instead, focus on the big picture and keep your message simple. One of the purposes of an animated video is to encourage viewers to learn more by clicking on a link. You can share details about the product or service there, rather than in the video itself.


Use text sparingly.

Animated videos lend themselves to text in a way that live person videos do not. Unfortunately, it can be tempting to rely excessively on text to explain the concept. Filling the screen with lots of words can be distracting for viewers, especially if they are trying to listen to a narrator at the same time that they’re reading the text. Only use text sparingly, and make sure it aligns with any words being spoken by the narrator.

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