A Nonprofit’s Guide to Fundraising Videos

If a picture says a thousand words, then what does a fundraising video say? If it’s done well, a fundraising video is a powerful way to capture your audience’s attention and compel viewers to get involved, volunteer, or donate to the cause. Every charitable organization can benefit from working with a professional video production company.


Setting Goals

Setting goals is more important than it might seem at first blush. Consider the following:


  • Do you need to raise awareness about an issue?
  • Do you need to announce a specific campaign?
  • What action do you want viewers to take?


If your nonprofit and its mission aren’t well-known, then you may need a video that raises awareness about your cause. As an example, consider the ASPCA. Its cause, to rescue animals suffering from abuse and neglect, is well-known. Its videos tend to focus on compelling viewers to become members and donate a monthly gift. Compare this nonprofit to a lesser-known entity: The Livestock Conservancy. Its mission is to protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds. Since the general public might not think of livestock as being endangered, the charity’s commercials should probably focus on educating viewers about the extent of the problem and why it’s important to protect these breeds.


Establishing a Budget

Before you begin planning your fundraising video, you’ll need to figure out what your budget is. A skillful video production specialist can work within virtually any budget. He or she will let you know what’s possible based on the figures you present.


Meeting with a Video Production Company

The next step is to schedule a meeting with the video production company. The team will walk you through the process of conceptualizing your video, writing the script, choosing music and imagery, and shooting the video. It’s likely that you’ll shoot more footage than you’ll use. The video production team can edit your footage so that your message is concise, compelling, and actionable.

Film Creations, Ltd. has produced videos for all sorts of organizations, including nonprofits. We can help you create a fundraising video that fits your budget, embodies your message, and engages your viewers. Get started today by chatting with a friendly staff member in Tucson at (520) 624-4444.