How to Make a Viral Video People Will Share

One of the best ways to spread a message about your business’ products or services is through the medium of film. When you create a video that goes viral on the internet, thousands, if not millions, of people will pay attention to your brand. In order to create a video that is widely shared, there […]


Is Animation Right for Your Commercial?

When designing and filming a commercial, you can choose between live-action or animation. If you wish to have more creativity and whimsy, then an animated commercial may be the choice for you. Continue reading to see if animation is the right choice for your commercial.   You want greater creativity. With professional animation, your marketing […]


Remembering the Best Commercials of 2016

There are many commercials that have left their mark on pop culture. Just as there are decades of memorable taglines, upbeat jingles, and funny mascots, there were a few commercials that made their mark on 2016. Let’s remember a few of the best commercials of 2016.   Peyton Manning for Nationwide Many know the jingle […]


Adding SEO Value to Your Company’s Videos

Many people are visual learners, and flashy images and videos can be great for capturing people’s attention. However, you’ll also need some SEO chops to make sure your Tucson video production is seen. Here is a brief overview of adding SEO value to your company’s videos.   Why Your Videos Need SEO Value Videos can […]


Making Relatable Training Videos

After hiring new employees, you will need to train them so that they can start contributing to the team. Many companies choose to use training videos to simulate situations that companies might experience. Talk to your Tucson video production company and read on for tips on making relatable training videos.   Know Your Audience A […]


How to Use Animation in a Commercial

When you hire a video production company to help you create a commercial for your business, you may want to ask about animation services. An animated commercial will engage your target audience, while also allowing you to create a fun and beautiful message about your brand. As you are gearing up to create a new […]


The Importance of Audio in Your Commercial

The role of a video production company is to make sure that your commercial is polished, professional, and sends a quality message about your brand. While quality filming is essential for any video production, sound design is equally essential. Creating an audio track that is audible and clear will enhance the overall appeal of your […]


How to Choose Music for Your Commercial

Shooting a commercial can be an exciting and fun project for any business. When you work with an experienced video production company on your commercial project, you will receive important assistance throughout the storyboarding, shooting, and editing process. The right music can help your commercial stand out in the mind of a customer. To help […]


Tips for Expanding Your Business’s Reach

In the digital era, owning a small business can mean spending a lot of time boosting your likes, follows, and shares on social media. In fact, social media platforms are among the best tools that businesses can use to attract more customers and grow their profitability. Creating a marketing video is one great way to […]


How a Viral Video Can Benefit Your Business

When you are creating an online marketing strategy for your business, you may want to work with a video production company to create a unique or unusual video. Videos that are funny, offer a poignant message, or are otherwise exceptional could become viral and receive millions of shares and clicks. Here is a closer look […]