What Colors Should Be in Your Next Marketing Video?

There are many factors to consider when shooting a marketing video, and some are more obvious than others. One factor that some people tend to forget about when filming is the colors that are included. Color can make a huge difference, so keep reading and think about what colors should be in your next marketing […]


Don’t Believe These Myths About Training Videos

A training video should be informative, and it should build confidence in the viewer. However, there are some misconceptions about training videos that you shouldn’t buy into. Look ahead and don’t believe these myths about training videos.   Videos Should Always Be Short We’ve condensed our sentiments into 140 characters and our albums into singles, […]


Have You Seen These Myths About Super Bowl Commercials?

Advertisers spend more money to advertise during the Super Bowl than they do during any other time of the year. If you want to take advantage of this peak advertising season, you may want to contact a video production company that has a location in your area. To help you get started on your advertising […]


Use These Tips to Make an Effective Animation Video

If you are seeking a show stopping alternative to a conventional, live-action commercial, you might want to consider creating an animated short. With animation, you can create a commercial that captures the imagination and attention of your target audience. A company that offers video production can provide you with essential animation services for your commercial […]


How to Increase Your Web Presence

Your website is a primary point of interaction between your business and your customers. Without sufficient web presence for your business, your website may not serve as an effective marketing method for your company. By making your website searchable, interactive, and user friendly, you can help to boost your web presence and increase your sales. […]


Tips to Make an Effective Commercial

Whether you are the owner of a fledgling business, or your company has been in operation for years, producing a commercial is a great way to attract more customers. With assistance from a video production company that serves your area, you will be able to make a commercial that tells a powerful and memorable story. […]


Challenges Your Company May Face with DIY Video Production

If you have been envisioning a video marketing project for your company, you may be tempted to complete the production process using in house tools and employees. However, attempting to create your own marketing videos may cost you time, money, and energy. To achieve the best results from your videos, it is a great idea […]


How to Make a Viral Video People Will Share

One of the best ways to spread a message about your business’ products or services is through the medium of film. When you create a video that goes viral on the internet, thousands, if not millions, of people will pay attention to your brand. In order to create a video that is widely shared, there […]


Is Animation Right for Your Commercial?

When designing and filming a commercial, you can choose between live-action or animation. If you wish to have more creativity and whimsy, then an animated commercial may be the choice for you. Continue reading to see if animation is the right choice for your commercial.   You want greater creativity. With professional animation, your marketing […]


Remembering the Best Commercials of 2016

There are many commercials that have left their mark on pop culture. Just as there are decades of memorable taglines, upbeat jingles, and funny mascots, there were a few commercials that made their mark on 2016. Let’s remember a few of the best commercials of 2016.   Peyton Manning for Nationwide Many know the jingle […]